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Specializing in Conflict Resolution Processes

Who We Are

After Hours ODR & Traditional Mediation Services is a conflict management company in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in January 2019, we specialize in conflict resolution and mediation processes for the public, including attorneys with ongoing lawsuits.  We offer family law mediation including asset division, parenting time, child custody and child support.  We also offer mediation for other civil law disputes. On-line services are available.



Ayoka Campbell Davis is an attorney who has practiced in the employment law area for over 19 years. Over the course of her career, she has negotiated several cases and resolved complaints in ways mutually beneficial to both sides. Her approach to mediation is facilitative and she helps the parties remain open to creative solutions. Ayoka, has been a mediator for over 16 years.  She has been trained to offer mediation in the on-line setting.

After Hours ODR & Traditional Mediation Services was founded to provide parties an opportunity to resolve their disuptes in a timely, private, and cost-effective manner. Flexible times, including week days, evenings, and weekend sessions are available.

Consulting Services are also available to assist parties in coming up with settlement proposals and negotiation strategies that can lead them to get the best agreements for their clients.   She is also trained to handle family law disputes including divorce and child custody cases.

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