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Continuing the Tradition of Effective Mediation & Offering On-line Mediation

Your Peace of Mind

Is Our Priority

For every conflict or dispute you may have, After Hours ODR & Traditional Mediation Services has a resolution for it. Our mediators tackle the heavy costs of conflict in Atlanta, Georgia by giving people an opportunity to create mutual agreements. With more than 17 years of dispute resolution experience, we will guide you every step of the way in resolving conflicts within their respective communities.

Contact us for more information about our mediation and conflict resolution processes.  Offering on-line mediation.


Mission Statement

After Hours Mediators are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve conflict and move forward in their lives through experienced, creative, and solution oriented work, drawing on my legal and business experience as well as common sense to help craft settlements that stand the test of time.

Resolving Conflicts, One 

Resolution at a Time 

After Hours ODR & Traditional Mediation Services is your partner in conflict resolutions and mediation processes in areas near Atlanta, Georgia.

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